Shimmers by Alison McCauley

“the way the light shimmers on the surface and the dark flip side of it all”

Shimmers by Alison McCauley features an enigmatic sequence of images captured in the Côte d’Azur between 2013 and 2023.  The Côte d’Azur is a destination that’s invaded by visitors and tourists year upon year. It offers a hedonistic lifestyle that attracts many in search of escapism, pleasure and fast money; a great deal happens in the shadows here.

“While working on this series, I often had a quote from Somerset Maugham in my head. He referred to the French Riviera as ‘a sunny place for shady people.’ This connected with what I saw and felt. It’s this contrast between the beautiful, shimmering surfaces and the dark, flip side that intrigues me. Shimmers is my love letter to this place … but it’s a pragmatic, eyes wide open kind of love.” 

- Alison McCauley

Printed in a mix of duotone and silver printing, Shimmers dares you to enter the dark heart of the French Riviera.

Regular Edition: £40
Special Edition with print: £95 (starting price)

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Shipping begins March 2024.


Design: Tom Booth Woodger
Printing House: MAS, Matbaa
Printing: Duotone & Silver Printing
Size: 165x230mm
Pages: 104
Images: 50